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About the owner operator Martin Lewis, an enlisted service member in the United States Army. Was a paratrooper in the 82nd ABD, completing two tours to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. Struggling with PTSD Martin started blogging about how working out and conducting a fit lifestyle helped him with his condition. Remaining active with veterans and in the gym he continues to remind he battle buddies the benefits of healthy lifestyles. With Under Armor being the most quality fitness apparel providers, The Real Fitness Junky affiliated with the company distributing their clothing from the real fitness junky website. The Real Fitness Junky also provides 1st phorm supplements, and with the purchase of any Under Armour or 1stPhorm product proceeds will go to the Fit Vet foundation. The Fit Vet foundation pays gym memberships for disabled veterans for an entire year.

I promise to honor my Fitness goals
I promise to honor myself and my body
I promise to never, ever, ever quit, I know it may be hard, but if it wasn’t hard where is the challenge?!
I promise to understand the value of each workout, and push through, remembering; anything that opposes me makes me stronger!
I promise in every minute that if I’m not doing my best…then I will give more!
I promise to come to my workouts with a winning attitude, crying, whining, whimpering is for our beautiful newborns to communicate, NOT for workouts!
I promise to support my fellow fitness junky comrades with enthusiasm and encouragement, as I know what it feels like to be encouraged!
I promise NOT to cheat, as I know if I cheat myself it will compromise my goals!I am STRONG!
I know I WILL!
I always BELIEVE in my abilities!WE believe in you!Let us help you find the key to your fitness success…