When It comes to being fit, putting the work in isn’t all that is hard. It can also be what is preventing you from putting in the work. For example a busy work/ school schedule, children, friendships, and hobbies all deserve their time in your life. But I’m here to give you a couple of hacks as I deal with everything that is listed.

My first hack would to be to make a gym planner, which will just be an agenda of when you will be able to hit the gym. I happened to be a fairly experienced gym goer and cap off my workouts at a maximum of an hour and a half. So most people will put in a half hour to an hour. So in my planner (which I use my phone for mine) I log my daily routine mapping out the longer activities like work and my children. When seeing what time the activities that take longer in your day are placed in front of you.  It makes it easier to add in time for shorter activities.

Second in a smart watch. Smart watches are one of my favorite ways to keep track of hitting my goals. Weather it be for simply tracking my step count, calorie intake, MACRO intake, or workout intensity.  this life hack will help keep you motivated as my Fit bit Blaze not only tracks me but compares my stats to my friends to make sure i’m keeping up with my steps.  Smart watches are hands down one of my favorite assets.

My last fitness hack is to simply surround yourself with other individuals with goals. This will give you some competitive drive as well as others that can help hold you accountable.

We all have struggles with reaching any goals, that’s what makes reaching our goals rewarding. But we are all in this together and can help each other out where we can. Make sure to check out my blog for more tips and videos on how to healthy lifestyles.



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